• ReFLEX Orkney Energy Audit 2019 V3 2.6Mb (2023)

    This 2019 Audit is to further understand Orkney’s current energy situation and what needs to be done in order to meet and exceed the targets set out in project ReFLEX Orkney, and ultimately, completely decarbonise Orkney’s energy system.

  • Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration 365.1Kb (2022)

    Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration signed by Orkney Islands Council in April 2007. This used to hang in the Customer Services lobby at School Place.

  • Appendix A_Detailed Action Plan Based Upon UN SDG Topics 890.2Kb (2022)

  • Orkney Energy Strategy Action Plan 1.5Mb (2022)

  • Orkney Hydrogen Strategy 3.1Mb (2020)

    In 2009 the community in Orkney published the Sustainable Orkney Energy Strategy defining three overarching aim to bring a strategic direction to its energy ambitions.

  • Comments on EV Charge Point Installation Guide 729.1Kb (2018)

    The following comments have been received on the guide following OREF’s publication (24th July) and also Liam McArthur’s office’s follow to Scottish Chief Executives.

  • Final Orkney EV Strategy 2018-23 2.1Mb (2018)

    This document was produced by electric vehicle (EV) drivers, coordinated by the Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (OREF). It is produced to help guide the decisions makers (Orkney Islands Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, private businesses, investors, individuals, Scottish and UK government) to enable them to efficiently deploy their capital and efforts to help de-carbonise Orkney’s road transport.

  • Orkney Sustainable Energy Strategy 2017-2025 1.3Mb (2017)

    In 2009, the Sustainable Energy Strategy for Orkney was developed to ensure that Orkney would achieve its full potential in the energy sector having already made massive progress, with the ultimate aim being to have sustainable communities and a vibrant and commercially outstanding energy sector by 2025.

  • The renewable energy sector in Scotland: Government Response to the Committee’s First Report of Session 2016–17 214.6Kb (2016)

    The Scottish Affairs Committee published its First Report of Session 2016–17, The renewable energy sector in Scotland, HC 83, on 25 July 2016. The Government response to the Report was received on 10 October 2016, and is published as an appendix to this Report

  • Orkneys Electric Future – Feasibility Study 4.4Mb (2015)

    Orkney’s Electric Future (OEF) is an ambitious project that integrates Orkney Islands Council’s stated ambition to promote the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) and more sustainable transport options with opportunities offered by Orkney’s high renewable energy generation and wider benefits related to tourism.

  • Orkney’s Electric Future – Review of Opportunities 1.6Mb (2015)

    This report reviews opportunities for an ambitious project known as Orkney’s Electric Future (OEF).

  • Orkneys Electric Future – Implementation Plan 1.7Mb (2015)

    This report outlines an implementation plan to develop an ambitious project known as Orkney’s Electric Future (OEF).

  • Electric vehicle (EV) charge point locations across Orkney 16.1Kb (2015)

    A table of charge point locations across Orkney.

  • Orkney’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy 1.7Mb (2015)

    The Scottish Government have set ambitious climate change targets to create a low carbon Scotland. The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 is the most ambitious piece of climate change legislation in the world and sets the target of at least 42% emissions reductions in Scotland by 2020.