This note details the extent, nature and content of the data held by the Orkney Renewable Energy Forum relating to:

  1. Wind Feed in Tariff database
  2. PV database
  3. EV database

and the purposes to which this data will be put and how it will be used.


Appendix A contains a schedule of the data fields held.

A unique User Number is generated and used to identify the data subject.

Data supplied by the data subject fits into the fields identified and is only identified by the unique User Number.

OREF also holds E-mails sent and received.

Use of data

The data is both held in its submitted form and is processed using conventional office software.

Access to the machine containing the data is password-protected.

Submitted data is anonymised during analysis.

Any reporting only uses the User Number and does not include personally identifiable data.

The analysed data is used to forward the Aims of OREF which are:

  • To encourage the preferential use of renewable energy in Orkney
  • To debate the best technical and sustainable options for increasing renewable energy and energy efficiency in Orkney
  • Facilitate Research and Development in renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Disseminate information on renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • To lobby on the strategic issues affecting the development of a renewable energy sector in Orkney
  • To act as a consultative body on issues related to connecting Orkney to renewable energy markets

Anonymised data is selectively shared with organisations who help OREF further its Aims. This may involve OREF ascribing value to the anonymised data and the accompanying analysis.

Access to data

A copy of the data provided by the data-subject is available upon request by mailing fit@oref.co.uk


The data subject has the right to request correction of any data held.

Destruction of data

The data subject may request that raw data held by OREF relating to the activities above is destroyed. Such a request can be made by mailing fit@oref.co.uk . Note: Information derived from data held will not be destroyed.


OREF will seek to ensure all data it holds meets the contents of this note. In April 2018 all data subjects were asked to confirm that they accepted the conditions herein. From that date all monthly returns made by the data subjects require positive confirmation of acceptance of these same conditions in order to make the return.

Personal details of those data subjects who failed to positively assent to retention of the data were deleted in July 2018.


Appendix A    Fields