This section contains documents which are not produced by OREF, but may be of interest to those involved in renewables in Orkney.

  • SPICe_EnergyPolicy 1.1Mb (2017)

    A global approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions was agreed in Paris in 2015. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change undertook to limit global mean surface temperature rise to less than 2oC, and installing renewable energy technologies and reducing energy usage are seen as playing a key role in achieving this.

  • Paris Agreement and Marrakech Climate Conference 194.2Kb (2017)

    The international community agreed a climate deal in Paris in December 2015. The Paris Agreement would come into force 30 days after it is ratified by 55 countries covering 55% of global emissions. Several countries, including China and the US ratified, throughout 2016.

  • Paris Climate Change Conference 446.8Kb (2017)

    In December 2015 representatives of 196 countries met to attempt to reach an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of limiting a global temperature increase to below 2oC.

  • Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution Electricity Submarine Cables Consultation 775.8Kb (2015)

    Phase 2 Workshop output-for handout.

  • SSE Orkney Electricity Network Reinforcement Stakeholder Consultation Response 417.8Kb (2015)

    In February 2014 Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution1 (SSEPD) undertook a stakeholder consultation – ‘Connecting Orkney: Electricity Network Reinforcement’ – to hear what stakeholders views were on the next steps for electricity network reinforcement in Orkney.

Scottish Energy Strategy

The Scottish Government published its finalised Energy Strategy and associated Onshore Wind Policy Statement in December 2017.

The ambition set out in these documents will guide the decisions on energy that the Scottish Government needs to make over the coming decades.

OREF’s response to the initial consultation period for this strategy can be found here.