This page contains OREF responses to various consultations

OREF Consultation Responses

OREF Response to OIC’s Supplementary Guidance: Housing in the Countryside Consultation (2020)

OREF Response to Local Energy Policy Statement (2019)

OREF Response to Energy Efficient Scotland Consultation (2019)

OREF Response the Draft Orkney Harbours Master Plan Phase 1 (2019)

OREF Response to OFGEM Forward Work Programme Consultation (2019)

OREF response to OFGEM Needs Case Consultation (2019)

OREF response to UK Government’s Clean Growth, Transforming Heating Consultation (2019) (Potential Cable Route )

OREF response to Historic Environment Scotland’s Consultation on Proposed Historic Marine Protected Areas (2019)

OREF comments on SSEN’s Emerging Thinking Document (2019)

OREF Response to Scottish Government Energy Strategy Consultation (2017)

OREF Response to SSE Orkney Connection Project Consultation (2017)

OREF Response to UK Government Contracts for Difference: Consultation on treatment of non-mainland GB onshore wind projects (2017)

OREF Submission to Smith Commission (2014)

OREF Response to ‘National Planning Framework 3 – Main Issues Report’ Consultation Questionnaire (2013)

OREF Response to SSE ‘Innovating for a greener, more efficient future’ Consultation (2013)

OREF Response to SSE ‘Connecting Orkney’ Consultation (2013)

OREF Response to ‘Wind Energy Supplementary Planning Guidance’ Consultation (2012)

OREF Response to ‘Project TramsmiT – A Call for Evidence’ (2010)