If you have a wind turbine or solar installation in Orkney then OREF wants to hear from you.

What are we researching?

OREF is interested in the performance, durability and reliability of domestic wind turbines and solar installations, and so we have set up two databases to assess the performance of these technologies in Orkney. Registration is open to anybody with a turbine or solar panels, whether a member of OREF or not, and participants will be included in an anonymised monthly league table to see how their renewables compare to others in the county.

Evance R9000 turbine on Eday OrkneyWhy are we doing it?

Wind power works in Orkney. Everybody can see turbines turning here almost every day, and in 2013 figures showed Orkney becoming a net exporter of electricity for the very first time. Wind turbines aren’t without their problems though, and we can all see when they aren’t working. Sometimes this is due to lack of wind, occasionally it can be due to technical faults, but does their actual performance also change over time? Thanks to early adoption of wind technology, we in Orkney are in the perfect position to collect data about the performance of wind turbines over time, and in real conditions.

Following the success of the wind microgenerator database, OREF launched the solar microgenerator database in 2015 to widen the scope of our research. Orkney is not renowned as a particularly sunny location, although there are long hours of daylight in summer, so we are keen to find out how well solar really works here!

How can you get involved?

Signing up is free and confidential, there are no obligations, and you will be contributing to valuable research into the viability of domestic renewables. To sign up click here for wind or here for solar, or email fit@oref.co.uk to get started. We welcome registrations from both members and non-members, the only stipulation being that your renewable installation must be located in Orkney.

Registration only takes about 5 minutes, and a monthly email will prompt you for your readings. Monthly league tables are produced using randomized identification numbers, rather than names, so that your data remains private and only you can see how your renewables device has ranked.

Where can you see the results?

Previous ranked, anonymised wind and solar microgenerator database results are reported as a .pdf and can be found here.