• OREF Annual Accounts 2020 293.3Kb (2021)

    Annual report and unaudited financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2020

  • Summary (v1.4) SOC Overall report draft 2.5Mb (2021)

    The Sustainable Orkney Conference was held online via zoom towards the end of 2020. Originally planned for March 2020, the Conference brought together local experts and interested and motivated local people to map out what Orkney is already doing to decarbonise and be sustainable. This draft report is an overall summary from the 6 conference sessions.

  • Guidance on EV Chargers for Community Halls 932.4Kb (2018)

    This guidance has been drafted by OREF for the benefit of the management of community halls in Orkney. The guidance seeks to explain how EV charging works and how it is expected to fit into life on Orkney in the coming years.

  • Orkney Wind Energy Survey Figures 269.1Kb (2017)

    ComRes interviewed 500 adult residents of Orkney via telephone between the 9th and 13th January 2017. Data was weighted according to age and gender. Data were also weighted based on the population of islands in the Orkney and Shetland region.

  • Orkney Wind Energy Survey Report 505.2Kb (2017)

    ComRes interviewed 500 adults aged 18+ in Orkney via telephone between the 9th and 13th January 2017. Data were weighted according to age and gender. Data were also weighted based on the population of islands in Orkney.

  • Charging Infrastructure Design Guide V1.3.3 2.2Mb (2016)

    This guide seeks to develop good practice for charging infrastructure in terms of safety, signage and general use.

  • OREF Subgroup reports on matters relating to the electric grid 210.9Kb (2015)

    In response to the announcement of a moratorium on new grid connections in 2012, OREF formed a steering group and subgroups to look at economic development, innovation and system planning. Download documentation of their proformas and report as a.zip file.

Orkney Energy Audit 2014

For over 30 years, Orkney has been at the forefront of the development renewable energy technologies.  Local renewable energy generation has increased steadily over the past 15 years, and in 2013 Orkney generated renewable output equivalent to 103% its electrical demand, a feat unrivalled in the UK, and in 2014 this figure was increased to 104%. However, the local grid infrastructure has not kept up with this growth in generation, and the lack of definite future connection opportunities is hindering the growth of renewable energy within the county.

These grid inadequacies threaten the financial viability of established community energy schemes amongst others. As a result, OREF and Community Energy Scotland commissioned an energy audit for Orkney, which was carried out by local consultancy Aquatera at the end of 2014.

The audit gives a comprehensive breakdown of Orkney’s current energy sources and uses, as well as providing switching options for moving away from fossil fuel use and increasing local electricity demand. We hope that this report will provide a strong basis for both discussion and action in the Orkney renewable energy sphere in the coming year. The audit shows what is happening, the options are laid out, and the opportunity to act is upon us.

You can download free PDF versions of the Orkney Energy Audit by clicking on the links below.

 Executive Summary

 Part 1: Energy Sources and Uses

 Part 2: Switching Options


Orkney Energy Audit 2004

In 2004 the Northern & Western Isles Energy Efficiency Advice Centre published the “Orkney Energy Audit: Energy production and use in Orkney 2003-04” report.

You can download the free PDF version of the Orkney Energy Audit 2004 by clicking on the link below.

 Orkney Energy Audit 2004