Ultra Local Focus of Power – Talk by Lesley Riddoch

On Tuesday 1st September 2020, Lesley Riddoch gave a presentation to OREF members on the Ultra Local Focus of Power which is normal in northern Europe, but which doesn’t exist in Scotland.

By way of an example, Norway has over 400 local authorities, whilst Scotland has 32. As Lesley explained, the lack of truly local accountability and the large council area sizes means we have no real local democracy in Scotland. Lesley added that the lack of access to the land in Scotland when compared to our northern European neighbours has a profoundly negative impact on our collective wellbeing.

Lesley is a highly respected author, journalist, film maker and broadcaster who has been a director of the policy group Nordic Horizons for 10 years. She co-edited the book Northern Neighbours comparing Scotland and Norway since 1800.

She has just finished a PHD on the history of huts, land ownership and leisure in the 2 countries. Lesley’s latest book “Huts, a place beyond” is now available through the following link: www.lesleyriddoch.com