Politics, COVID & Climate Change – An Island Perspective

Over the last decade Orkney has been through an unprecedented sequence of twists and turns that have had a profound influence upon the islands of Orkney. Many of these have also had a direct influence upon the capacity of Orkney to help combat climate change.

The monthly OREF meeting on the 2nd of June looked at energy matters in the light of the challenges and opportunities that now face us.

Gareth Davies, joint Chair of OREF provided an overview of some of the key events that have happened, the consequences they have had and the responses that are now potentially open to Orkney, as an island community.

The meeting looked at the various pressures, issues, opportunities and constraints at play arising from COVID-19 and focused upon those that are specifically linked to energy and climate change.

The results of the meeting, which included online polling, offers the wider community, and our local and national leaders some ideas about how best to respond, recover and renew our economy to ensure that our community and wider society gets a significant carbon abatement dividend out of the COVID crisis.