Orkney’s Local Transport Strategy

The new Local Transport Strategy is to be drafted and OREF has been asked to provide insight.  OREF will host a meeting on Tuesday 30th November at 7pm on Zoom to gather ideas and comments.
Naomi Bremner is leading the discussion along the following lines:

Overview of LTS process (set out what we are covering, timescales etc)

Quick fire through some of the issues that are shaping OIC’s thinking around issues and possible projects and interventions – to prompt some ideas.

Questions for feedback (on any transport):

1. What works well that you have seen, either in Orkney or that you have seen elsewhere?
2. What doesn’t work so well in Orkney, and what impact does this have?
3. What could we do differently in the future – what was this enable and who and how would folk benefit?
4. What would be the top three priorities you would like to see…?

Please do attend if you can. If you don’t air an opinion then you cannot really do so if you don’t like what happens next!
Email [email protected] to register for this event.