OREF Open Meeting 9th April – Low Carbon Logistics

Designing the transport system of the future 


Transport accounts for about 30% of all UK emissions, and its decarbonisation is essential if we are to meet the Net Zero target. Decarbonisation will be expensive and introduce new operational constraints, to address this challenge we need new digital tools and capabilities. OREF hosted an event in the King St Halls on Tuesday 9th April 2024, where Professor Phil Greening discussed what those tools look like and how we will use them to deliver an equitable and inclusive transport system.


Professor Greening is the Director of The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight at Heriot-Watt University. Before joining Heriot-Watt Professor Greening enjoyed a successful career in industry, first as a Research Engineer at British Aerospace, before transitioned into digital signal processing, then turning to consultancy, completing over 30 logistics or supply chain projects across Europe.