OREF Members Lyness Trip

Exploring opportunities for supporting renewables from Scapa Flow


OREF will host a trip to Lyness, including a visit to the Scapa Flow Museum with presentations on plans for supporting renewable energy for Scapa Flow and Hoy


Presentations from:

·                Gareth Davies, Aquatera

·                Nick Hewitt, Team Leader (Culture) at OIC

·                Paul Olvhoj, Business Development Manager at OIC Harbours


OREF members are invited on this trip to Lyness on the evening of Tuesday 2nd July.  We will meet at Houton at 5.30pm and travel to Lyness on the Flotta Lass, returning to Houton at 8.30pm.  A full itinerary will be provided to those who wish to attend.


Numbers are limited so it is essential to register for this trip.  To register, please contact Frances Flett office@oref.co.uk


Non-members are also welcome to attend but we ask that they sign up for OREF Membership at the introductory price of £10 until Jan 2025.  Please contact office@oref.co.uk to register your interest and we will issue a membership form.

We look forward to the trip and would like to thank Repsol for providing the vessel and OIC for making the Scapa Flow Museum available out with normal opening hours.