OREF Open Meeting 5th April 2016: Action on Fuel Poverty

This meeting was a follow-on to recent moves between OREF and THAW to strengthen their collaboration and working relationships. The event started with a presentation from THAW on the latest information about heat vulnerable households, fuel poverty statistics and the success of the initiatives to date to start to deal with these issues.

The headline figures for fuel poverty were as follows:

  • Overall fuel poverty levels (10% of income spent on heating) 63%
  • Fuel poverty in pensioner households 85%
  • Extreme fuel poverty (20% of income spent on heating) 28%

It is clear from the referral statistics presented that there was a great demand for THAW assistance, that THAW was now strongly geared up to provide the required services, although some challenges remained.

The meeting then went on to discuss how OREF and THAW could work better together. The new initiatives identified included:

  • Better signposting of THAW and its work on OREF website and issue THAW posters to OREF membership
  • Working together on joint proposals for further funding, using OREF member research resources to help complete tasks and proposals
  • Create a heat related skills and services list of OREF members
  • Establish reciprocal membership arrangements
  • Consider establishing an energy generator THAW donation scheme as turbines move into an era where they have paid off their capital costs

Overall the event provided a timely reminder of the full range of issues related to energy supply and demand.

Thanks to THAW for coming along to present and engage in discussions.  A copy of the THAW project update can be found here.