Registration for the Sustainable Orkney Conference

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Starting on 6th October at 7pm the Sustainable Orkney Conference will be running for six weeks. Originally planned for March 2020, the Conference will bring together local experts and interested and motivated local people to map out what Orkney is already doing to decarbonise and be sustainable.
The event will try and take stock of initiatives already underway in Orkney ranging from transport, food production and land use, improving buildings, and consumption. ‘Covid-19 has limited what many of us can do day to day but despite this there are lots of things going on in Orkney. We need to know where we are to take the next steps towards Net Zero Carbon together as a community’ said joint organiser Eibhlin Lee.
This event is planned to use the local knowledge and expertise from within Orkney and to better connect people. ‘This is about finding out what is already happening in Orkney and what is about to come along’ said joint organiser Becky Ford.
The organisers want to ensure that conversations continue outside of the 1-hour 15-minute sessions that are being held online using Zoom therefore participants will be invited to join the Sustainable Orkney Conference Discussion Group on Facebook.
The events are free. To find out more and sign up go to