Ranked, anonymised generation and issue log results for wind and solar PV are available for free download on this page. Results are usually available 2-4 weeks after month end.

Data collection for the current wind microgenerator database began in April 2014.  A parallel database was set up to accept readings from solar PV microgenerators in March 2015. Past versions of the OREF Microgenerator database were initiated and run by OREF members and some data exists for previous years.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about our back data.


Wind microgenerator results

Wind August 2016


Solar microgenerator results

PV August 2016


Annual Reports

2015 OREF Wind Report

This report has been produced from the data collected by OREF during 2015 on the generation of electricity from wind turbines in Orkney.  2015 is the first year for which a full report has been produced and shows the geographical distribution of the machines, the types and sizes and shows the performance through the year.

2015 OREF Wind Report