This page contains a range of documents relating to renewable energy in Orkney, all of which are available as free downloads.

OREF Documents


Guidance on EV Chargers for Community Halls

This guidance has been drafted by OREF for the benefit of the management of community halls in Orkney.  The guidance seeks to explain how EV charging works and how it is expected to fit into life on Orkney in the coming years.

Guidance on EV Chargers for Community Halls (2018)

Orkney Wind Energy Survey 2017

500 adult residents of Orkney were interviewed, by ComRes, via telephone between 9th and 13th January 2017.  The results of this survey can be viewed below:

Orkney Wind Energy Survey Report (2017)

Orkney Wind Energy Survey Figures (2017)

In response to the announcement of a moratorium on new grid connections in 2012, OREF formed a steering group and subgroups to look at economic development, innovation and system planning. You can download documentation of their proformas and report below.

OREF Subgroup reports on matters relating to the electric grid

See also: Orkney Energy Audit

General Documents

This section contains documents which are not produced by OREF, but may be of interest to those involved in renewables in Orkney.

Orkney Hydrogen Strategy – The Hydrogen Islands 2019-2025

Paris Climate Change Conference Briefing Paper (2015)

Paris Agreement and Marrakech Climate Conference (2016)

Scottish Parliament Energy Policy (2017)

SSE Submarine Cable Consultation – Phase 2 Worskshop Questionnaire (2015)

Orkney’s Electric Vehicle Charge Point Locations (2015)

SSE Orkney Electricity Network Reinforcement: Stakeholder Consultation Response (2014)

Orkney’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy (2014)

Orkney’s Electric Future

An innovative project, led by OIC, which encourages the uptake of EVs and more sustainable transport options with opportunities offered by Orkney’s high renewable energy generation and wider benefits related to tourism.  OIC received external funding to complete the Orkney’s Electric Future feasibility study, review of opportunities and implementation plan.  OIC will now consider the recommendations within the reports and explore external funding opportunities with the view to take some of this work forward.

Feasibility Study (2015)

Review of Opportunities (2015)

Implementation Plan (2015)

The Renewable Energy Sector in Scotland

The Westminster Government Scottish Affairs Committee came to Orkney to take evidence as part of its’ inquiry into the renewable energy sector in Scotland. Members of OREF gave evidence in the lecture room at ICIT following a public meeting held in the ‘Warehouse Building’. The evidence session can be viewed here.

Following the session written evidence was also submitted by OREF on the topics of:

  1. Climate Change Levy exemption removal
  2. Role of OFGEM
  3. Marine energy losses
  4. Electric vehicles
  5. Carbon intensity assumptions in the Building Regulations
  6. Annotated transcript of Orkney evidence

Overall it concluded that the view Orkney seems to be right and that the changes in Westminster policy on energy lack coherence and seem to have little basis in fact or policy. Whether MPs take note and then choose to direct officials to get their act together remains to be seen.

OREF would like to take this opportunity to thank the Committee for coming up to see the heart of renewables and for listening to the points made.

The Renewable Energy Sector in Scotland (2016)

OREF Evidence (OREF 2016)

Government Response (2016)