Orkney’s Energy Future – Question Time Event with MSPs

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Orkney is at the forefront of marine renewable energy and is also well on the way to becoming a renewable system test bed.  However, we are also extremely vulnerable to changes in policy and the vagaries of business decisions as just witnessed by the recent OpenHydro announcements.  The county also has the unenviable title of having the highest estimated level of fuel poverty in the UK.  This makes our energy future a key point for our elected representatives to take seriously and Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (OREF) has for some time wanted to invite our MSPs to discuss Orkney’s energy future.

Liam McArthur MSP (Lib Dem), Jamie Halcro Johnston MSP (Conservative) and Robert Leslie (SNP) have all agreed to participate in a ‘Question Time’ format event where each party will provide a short introduction to their energy policy followed by a general discussion around the national energy policy and the Orkney energy strategy.  We are still hopeful that the Labour party will also be represented.

This event will take place on Monday 17th September at 7.30pm in Room LL1, ICIT, Old Academy, Stromness.

If you have any specific questions for the panel, please submit them to [email protected] by 15th Sept.
Please spread the word about this event, it would be great to have an idea of how many people are thinking to come along (just to make sure our venue is large enough).  All welcome, £3 entry for non-members.