Orkney Electric Vehicle Show: Saturday 6th May

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The 2nd Orkney Electric Vehicle Show will be hosted by Robert Llewellyn (of ‘Red Dwarf’, ‘Scrapheap challenge’ and ‘Fully-Charged’ fame) at the Picky Centre on Saturday 6th May.

There will be test drives from 9am in the car-park by OREF member Eco-cars. From 2pm there will be a chance to see 6 or 7 different models of EVs, find out about how to link them to your domestic renewables, hear what is coming (quietly) down the road by way of new ideas and generally answer any questions you might have about EVs.

The day rounds off at 7pm with a talk by Robert about how EVs are becoming the vehicle of choice around the world and why.

So if you are even thinking about an EV and have questions, or simply want a stimulating evening out then come along. Its £2.50 on the door (free for under 16s) and £2 if booked on line via TicketSource.