OREF Open Meeting, 7th February 2017: Preparation of OREF’s Sustainable Energy Manifesto

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The February meeting of OREF considered the possible issues that could be put forward by OREF as a model set of manifesto commitments for the upcoming Council elections.  Some 15 people attended the meeting which was held on a foul night when there had been considerable weather disruption.

In the first part of the meeting the positions that OREF had taken in recent consultations were taken as a starting point and these issues were discussed along with any others which attendees thought could be relevant to the local debate about energy and its issues.  The results of the recent opinion poll about local attitudes to renewables were also discussed.  Finally suggestions were put forward of other issues which the attendees thought may be helpful or should be considered.

The refined list of issues will be presented at the next board meeting and shared with members at the start of the public meeting.