Electric Vehicles in Orkney

As of November 2017, we have over 160 electric vehicles (EV) and PHEV’s on Orkney.

More and more drivers are realizing the financial benefits as well as the low carbon benefits of running a EV here on Orkney.

Many drivers also have a wind turbine of PV panels, so they are actually making their own ‘fuel’ for the vehicle themselves.

As far as we know it’s not possible to make your own fossil fuel in your garden, overnight whilst you sleep!

“But EV’s can’t drive far” is a common cry from the range anxiety critics!

In sept 2017, Chris Ramsey of Plugged in adventure drove a standard Nissan Leaf 10,000 miles to Mongolia and back to Aberdeen!

Chris is a keen supporter of Orkneys renewables and what Orkney represents, and has a great story to tell, and soon we at OREF hope to get Chris and his Leaf up to Orkney for a night of chat /  Q & A relating his amazing experience.


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