As well as our function as a membership organisation, OREF also delivers a range of renewable energy projects and activities.


OREF regularly organises or co-hosts renewable energy events, attends external events, conferences and industry meetings, and hosts visitors to Orkney. OREF events cover many different aspects of the renewable energy industry, and range from informative talks to local trade shows, and from consultation meetings to electric vehicle shows. Our events calendar contains information on upcoming events.


We also run a range of our own projects and activities, and are proud to contribute research, data and opinions to Orkney’s renewable energy sector, and the wider renewables industry. OREF recently commissioned a comprehensive audit of energy in Orkney, while ongoing projects include microgenerator and electric vehicle databases for the county.


OREF regularly responds to consultations on a wide range of matters affecting Orkney’s renewable energy industry, seeking to represent the best interests of the sector as a whole. We are always keen to receive input from our members any consultations, so keep an eye out for emails seeking your opinions. Non-members may also be invited to contribute to an OREF response on occasion, so make sure to check our website and social media regularly to stay up to date.

Open Meeting to input into OREF response to the Smith Commission (Image C. Phillips)